It’s finally time: workouts that are designed to challenge the most accomplished athlete, yet can be customized for all. You’ll experience firsthand our belief in intensity + intention.


It’s time to build the engine. This eight week cycle will feature a focus on the Front Squat and mainly building our capacity to repeat moderate percentages while under fatigue. In addition at least once a week we will see a long interval to test our ability to recover between efforts and work to gain a better understanding of how we should be pacing workouts in certain domains.  This cycles sub focus will be building quality movement for our gymnastics as well as create opportunity to work on some higher level skills.

Those of you that are looking for a little more volume, the time has come. We will be posting an additional pieces three times a week. These sessions will flow congruent with ENDURO and should be done on the day they are posted. Each day will have a specific focus and these extra pieces will be approximately 20-30 minutes long and generally skill based.