Standard Membership Options

  • Month to Month: $215

  • Movement Roots: $200

  • 20 Class Punch Card: $400

  • 10 Class Punch Card: $225

Please email tony@feast-fitness for information regarding personal training, One on One and Small Group Foundations, Individual Program Design, Individualized Nutrition, and access to our InBody Machine

Limited Time On Boarding Offer:

Movement Roots + One Month Membership:

  • Four, one on one or small group (up to 4 athletes) training sessions.

  • One month unlimited membership.

  • Accountability coach to help develop healthy nutrition habits and set fitness goals and develop road maps to get you there.

  • Movement analysis and identification of injury prone or current weak areas. If identified our coaches develop a personal warm up for you to protect and strengthen these areas.

  • Group Nutrition Coaching

  • Access to professional Nutrition Coaches from Beyond the Box Nutrition during any of their scheduled Feast office hours.

  • Free unlimited access to our In-Body system.

    At Feast we understand that the first few months of your journey are the most important. Our coaches have been in the fitness industry for a combined 25+ years, and we have seen every variation of the “On Boarding” process.

    We know that the large group model does not work. Athletes can feel overwhelmed, receive sub-par coaching and often times important aspects of movement and culture are overlooked. Thats why we have developed “Movement Roots” an elevated, one on one curriculum to get you effectively and safely started on your fitness journey.

    Ready to Feast? Join us now while this offer lasts.