Game Day Week 4


The CrossFit Open is just around the corner. The opportunity to benchmark yourself against the global CrossFit community is just too good to pass up. That’s why we encourage everyone to participate. It’s not necessarily about where your skills, strength, and fitness are today; but where you’ll be next year and the year after. You need a data set to know, so grab the opportunity to set your baseline.
- Head Coach Tony B.

Monday 10/7/19:

A. Power Clean:
Every 90s for 10 Sets:
3 Power Clean

*Start loading around 65% and Increase as you see fit.

B. For Time:
30 TTB
50 BBJO 24/20”
30 TTB

Competitive CrossFit:
12 Sets:
500m Row
*Rest 2:00 between sets & 4 minutes between sets 6&7.
*Row 2s faster than last weeks pace.

Who doesn’t love to power clean heavy, we all do…BUT can you hang on to the bar and repeat a quality movement pattern at moderate percentages? Today we will find out. Our goal will be to work on cycling the barbell and performing these reps as “Touch and Go” reps. For those of us that are confident with the bar, today is an opportunity to shine. If we are still fine tuning technique, this is a great chance to get a lot of working reps going at a percentage that will challenge our form.

Ouch, yea that pretty much sums this one up. Choose a gymnastics modification that allows you to work in sets of ten or greater across the entire workout. Believe it or not the burpee box jump over is a skill. Today is an awesome opportunity to work on dialing in your footwork and developing a smooth and controlled rhythm for this ultra taxing movement.


Tuesday 10/8/19

A. 8 Minute EMOM:
30 Double Unders
Max Push Ups in Remaining Time


B. Interval:
Every 4 Minutes for 5 Rounds:
300m Run
20 Unbroken Wall Balls

This weeks skill EMOM is short and… not so sweet. This piece is all about staying consistent on the Double Unders and moving strait to the pushing motion with conviction. Use this opportunity to dial in your positioning while upside down or horizontal. Breaking up your sets early and often is a must. 8 minutes isn’t forever, but trust us…it’s enough.

Our conditioning is intended to be a flush - move at a pace that feels “easy” we DO NOT want to hit our redline point anytime during this workout. Our goal today is to maintain unbroken sets on the Wall Balls. That may mean we drop the ball to a lower load than we normal use and that is more than ok. Today is about big sets, consistency and quality movement not loading.


Wednesday 10/9/19

A1. Dumbbell Bench Press:
*Rest 60s

A2. Feet Elevated Ring Row:
5 Sets: AMRAP-3
*Rest 2:00

B. For Total Reps:
6 Minute AMRAP:

10 Cal Row
5 Burpee Broad Jumps 6/4FT

*Rest 2:00

6 Minute AMRAP:
10 Cal Air Bike
10 Double KB Snatch 16/12kg

Competitive CrossFit:
20 Minute EMOM:
Minute 1: 1 Clean and Jerk @80%+
Minute 2: 8-10 BBJO 24/20
Minute 3: 5-7 Bar Muscle Up
Minute 4: 30-50 Double Unders

Sick Pump Incoming.
Today we see a variation of the classic concept, push & pull. We will build across all five sets of dumbbell push press with the intention of ending with a max effort set. Thats paired with a pulling variation that is arguably one of the hardest around. With the addition of a demanding time format we will have to be focused on our positioning during each movement and be ready to grind through a few reps. AMRAP -3 means we will go for as large of a set as possible while still leaving 3 reps in the tank.

Treat todays conditioning as a steady pace workout - our goal is to start and end at the same pace across both parts. Focus on good jumping mechanics as well as staying smooth and consistent on the mono-structural components.


Thursday 10/10/19 - Olympic Weightlifting

A. Split Jerk:
*Build across all sets

B. Every other Minute for 6 Sets:
1 Clean and Jerk
*Start at 75% and Increase as you see fit

A. 5-7 Rounds for Quality:

12 Kossak Squats
8 P Bar Deficit Push Ups
4 V Ups or Strict TTB

Optional Cardio Flush / Structural:
30 Minute Row

*The goal is to pick a pace and hold it consistently across all 30m. Thats OK if its a “slow” pace.


Friday 10/11/19

A. Open Workout 20.1:

Competitive CrossFit:
Back Squat:
5 Sets - 3 Reps @82.5%+
*Rest as needed between sets
*Build in load from last weeks sets

The Open is here. Dave Castro and his minions will release the workout at 7PM CST on Thursday 10/10. As mentioned in class you will be notified via social media of what the workout is, when the heats begin, and then we will update our workout blog accordingly.


Saturday 10/12/19


We will only have one workout this Saturday at 7:30am - we hope to see you there.

A. 29 Minute AMRAP in Teams of Three:
50 Cal Air Bike
50 Front Rack Reverse Lunges 95/65
50 AB Mat Sit Ups
*Every 3 Minutes each partner must complete 20 Air Squats

*One partner works at a time
*One partner must be holding a wall sit while work is being complete


Sunday 10/13/19

Rest Day - Get out and enjoy life.


Tony Brown