We know that no two athletes are alike. We will help you maximize your potential at your pace. Our coaches will lead you through intense gym workouts, executed with correct movement patterns, powered by clean + abundant nutrition.


Tony Brown

Head Fitness Coach

Program Design and Coaching for Individual, Group, and Competitive Fitness. Olympic Weightlifting programming.

“I am extremely grateful for the path my life has taken. I unexpectedly discovered my passion for health and fitness after coaching my first class, somewhat on a whim. I just loved the feeling of helping people.

I now thrive on pushing people to work towards the best version of themselves each and every day.

At Feast, I aim to provide a safe, fun and effective training environment for members of all skill levels. I am truly excited to share my expertise in all things fitness with our coaching staff as well as the community.”


Sheena Lawrick

Nutrition Coach

Nutritional Coaching Institute
Level I Certification. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN). Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

“I’ve been dreaming of a gym like Feast for some time—a place that harnesses the power of a supportive community that places equal importance on both fitness AND nutrition.

I want to help people wake up happy, confident, grateful and eager to take action and make choices that support their overall health, nutrition and fitness goals.

Through my experience as an Olympic athlete and nutrition coach, I’ve seen how a focus on food quality, food quantity and implementing incremental lifestyle habit changes can have a tremendous impact on quality of life.”


Cheston Bogue

General Manager

Program Design for Individual, Group, Weightlifting and Strength Training. Nutrition.

“I know first hand the struggles of managing a healthy lifestyle under stress. Sound nutrition, consistent sleep, and regular exercise have been pivotal in helping me stay grounded through numerous life challenges.

Over the past 10 years, I have witnessed the trials and transformations of hundreds of clients.

At Feast, I aim to help individuals gain knowledge, sharpen focus and amplify their passion so they can realize their potential.”


Greg Robbins

Co-Founder, Fitness Coach

Masters and Nutrition Coaching
CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

“I needed open heart surgery at age 41.

After the procedure, the coaching staff we've gathered for Feast was critical in helping rebuild my stamina, my strength, and, most importantly, my self-confidence.

When my fitness plateaued, they showed me how to eat, which led to massive improvements in my biometrics, my energy levels, and my workouts.

I'm now almost 10 years older, but I'm stronger, leaner, more agile, and more mobile. I eat more, but weigh less. I feel incredible, and privileged to be in the community of gritty, humble, and grateful Feasters.

We started Feast because we want you to be able to experience the same. (But not the surgery part!) And we're confident that with our team and programming, you will.”


Gwen Holtan

Nutrition Coach

Nutritional Coaching Institute
Level I Certification
Hormone Specialty Certification
Mindset Specialty Certification

“I played sports in high school and college, but struggled to find my ‘sport’ after college. I was totally unmotivated and not enjoying exercise. That all changed in March 2010 when I found CrossFit.

Since starting CrossFit, my relationship with food has become more positive. I now focus on how food helps me perform better and live a healthier life. I am no longer focused on the scale being the only measure of a healthy diet.

My passion and purpose is to guide others to feel their best by helping them improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits so they can feel empowered and confident! I believe that tiny behavior changes over time are more sustainable and more rewarding for lasting change.”


Terri Hartman

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

CrossFit Level 1Certificate
CrossFit Scaling Certificate
Nutritional Coaching Institute
Level 1 Certification

“I believe in life, you make your own road, and I want to be on a road that I’m passionate about, and that others will benefit from as well.

I’ve dabbled in and out of various sports and exercise routines. After having two boys and still working full time, I started looking for my fitness passion. Enter CrossFit. After 20 years in Marketing and Sales roles, I decided to take a break to focus on family as well as my passion for people and fitness. I’ve been through a complete mind and body transformation that now is the center of my busy Mom+Wife life.

Learning how to properly eat for health and to fuel fitness, I am now stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier than at any time in my life. I want to help others experience this too!”