Every membership at Feast Fitness includes our Group Nutrition Program.

  • Introductory consult with Beyond the Box Nutrition.

  • 4 session “Nutrition Foundations” program.

  • Coach-led progress through a series of “Nutrition Habits.”

  • Access to our nutrition coaches at regular office hours.

Nutrition Program Benefits:

  • Better athletic performance and lower chance of injury.

  • Gains in both short-term health and Long-term health improvements.

  • Behavior modeling and support for your Friends & Family.

  • Arming yourself against the future of worsening nutrition options.

  • Aesthetics.

Customized Nutrition:

If you want to progress beyond our group nutrition programming, our partners at Beyond the Box Nutrition will provide you with a customized program that will help you achieve your individual goals.

Let Us Help!

We get it.  Nutrition is confusing.  Junk carbs and fats look, smell, and taste great. Heck, they’ve been intentionally designed by food scientists to overcome our willpower! You may work or live among people who habitually eat poorly, and they’ll think you’re nuts when you choose not to do the same. Join our community and get the support and help you need.

Reach out today with any questions you have regarding our unique approach to fitness and nutrition.